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Our Mission

The PinkRose Foundation Inc. was established in 2003, as a 501 3 (c) non- profit foundation, with the goal of providing post-secondary scholarship assistance to children who have lost a parent to breast cancer. The organization is headquartered in Dedham, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. The The PinkRose Foundation Inc. offers services through its website, www.pinkrose.org where information is available describing online giving and memorial web page services, as well as merchandise offered for sale.


The PinkRose Foundation Inc. assists in the post-secondary education of children who have lost a parent to breast cancer, by raising and distributing funds. PinkRose informs the public about the causes of breast cancer found in our environment and encourages the use of organic products. The PinkRose Foundation Inc. provides scholarships where children can embark on personal growth and start to overcome the grief caused by breast cancer.


The PinkRose Foundation Inc. was incorporated in May 2003 and achieved 501 3(C) status in November 2003.


The PinkRose Foundation Inc. was started with $2000.00 donated by founders Theresa Jay and Sandra Ellis. PinkRose holds fundraisers, has an annual fund drive, writes grants and sells merchandise through the website www.pinkrose.org to fund scholarships.

Scholarship Recipients

The PinkRose Foundation Inc. started to  award scholarships in 2004, to date PinkRose has awarded 87,000.00 in scholarships. PinkRose scholarships have been reported in local newspapers nationwide where the scholarship recipients live. Scholarships are listed at www.finaid.org and Magic 106.7 runs PSA recorded by Candy O’Terry. Every year scholarship applications are available on the website starting June 1st. Scholarship deadline is July 31st and scholarships are awarded in October, breast cancer month.



2005 PinkRose Board of Directors


2011 PinkRose Board of Directors


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