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Just as nature arranges for the rose to bloom, our compassion will help a child to bloom.

Theresa Jay

Theresa Jay


Sandra Ellis

Theresa Jay and Sandra Ellis are all too familiar with Breast Cancer and the devastation it leaves behind. They too have fought with this disease and have survived. Sadly, there are countless others who have not been so lucky. They leave behind their children who not only have to deal with the grief from losing a parent but also the financial hardship, which accompanies death. While Theresa and Sandra underwent treatment, they met many people fighting this disease: Wonderful people who came into their lives for just a moment in time but left footprints forever in their hearts. The remarkable commonality among these mothers and fathers was the concern they held for their children’s future if they were to die. It was after these heartfelt discussions that led Theresa and Sandra to initiate this effort. The PinkRose℠ Foundation was created to provide scholarships where children can embark on personal growth and start to overcome the grief caused by Breast Cancer.


Theresa and Sandra choose the name PinkRose℠ because roses are timeless flowers of love.

Pink Roses communicate happiness, appreciation, admiration, friendship and sympathy. The scented blooms bring peace and joy to all.

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