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March 19, 2000

joseph-s Happy St. Joseph’s Day

A great feast day for my family since my maternal grandparents, Joe & Josie
Marotto had St. Joseph as their Patron Saint. Today they are sending extra
healing prayers for the suffering.

“God indeed saves me; I am confident and unafraid. My strength and my courage is the Lord, and he saves me ”

Welcome to day three of my SCT.
Yesterday, I had my second round of cytoxin and caroplatin chemotherapy
and so far no nausea.
Thank you for all your prayers. The prayers are working!!!!

The Physical Therapist came and we started an exercise program. Can you believe I am riding a bike!!!
Let’s see how long this lasts.
Of course I have to ride the bike with my IV Line attached to Betsy the Blue Robot

Theresa & Betsy, the Blue Robot riding a bike!

Theresa & Betsey, the Blue Robot riding a bike!


I enjoy all your emails, virtual cards and jokes. It is keeping isolation at a bay. John & Gina didn’t come
today. John had to work on a science project. Gina had a hockey game.
John is here and we are playing scrabble.

Ciao, Theresa

Kids Corner

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