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The PinkRose Foundation Inc. provides scholarships where children can embark on personal growth and start to overcome the grief caused by breast cancer.

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PinkRose  is fortunate  to charitably give back to the children left behind because of breast cancer.  Since our inception in 2003, PinkRose  has  awarded  1000 dollar scholarships to 82 college students.  We are all here today because we or a loved one has been touched by breast cancer. We own the memories. By supporting PinkRose you demonstrate your commitment to supporting the children.

Apply Today for the 2011 Scholarship

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The PinkRose Breast Cancer Scholarship requirements:
  1. Acceptance letter to college and/or certificate program
  2. Copy of your parent's death certificate noting breast cancer as the cause of death.
  3. Completed PinkRose Breast Cancer Scholarship Application

Download PinkRose Breast Cancer Scholarship Application starting June 1, 2011

Application Closing Date August 31, 2011

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Mail Completed Breast Cancer Scholarship Application to

PinkRose Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 4025
Dedham, MA 02027

The PinkRose Directors appreciates the support of The Pink Ribbon Foundation which annually funds a One Thousand Dollar Scholarship. Please visit their website to be part of breast cancer awareness and education.

Please visit our donor page to see additional PinkRose support

Just as nature arranges for the rose to bloom, our compassion will help a child to bloom.

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