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March 22, 2000: The Stem Cell Infusion



I believe in angels— that they’re always hovering near,

encouragement whenever clouds appear, Protecting us from danger and showing
us the way, Performing little miracles within our lives each day

This is the big day.
Today my stem cells are being transplanted back in my body. I still feel tired
and nauseous.  Please say your prayers, so that all goes well with
the transplant.
They have to push six vials of stem cells through my pic line.
The transplant team each pushed through 2 vials.
The smell is overbearing but I thought of other pleasant aromas.

Theresa receiving the Stem Cell Transfusion

Theresa receiving the Stem Cell Transfusion


“for He will give His angels
charge of you to guard you in all your ways” PSALM 91:11 


Thank you,  Our prayers were answered and there was no reaction.

@ 2000 Theresa Jay.
All rights reserved

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