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Spring in Boston

Welcome Spring in Boston!!!!

Pleasant words are a honeycomb,sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.  Proverbs 16:24

Thank you for all your emails, virtual flowers and jokes. They have made the last few days easier


Hi John and Gina , the sun is shining bright on the Charles river today. The  stem cells are in and I’m glad it is over. My blood counts are dropping from all the chemo, but they’re giving me medications to keep the blood counts up Today, I had my first bite of food in a couple of days. I never thought a dry hamburger could taste so good. Let’s hope it stays down!! I am still very tired & sleepy. I nap allot. But the sunshine pouring through the window is invigorating me. I hope you have a nice day to play outside after school. I am looking forward to all the Duck happenings in Boston. We can go to Boston Public Gardens for a Swan Boat ride.The Duck Tours are on the Charles river, I can see 3 to 4 boats a day on the river all colors red, yellow, green and blue . So The tours are already busy.


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