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March 17, 2000


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

May the Luck of the Irish be with you today

May the Shamrock of St. Patrick keep you out of harm’s way

Theresa going in for her SCT

Theresa going in for her SCT

Hello, John & Gina, family & friends,

Today is my first day of the Stem Cell Transplant (STC). Today, St. Patrick’s Day

is a great day to start my STC. I have his blessing and the luck of the Irish to start my procedure.

 I am in Rm. 20 on Ellison 14 in MGH.
I have a great view of the Charles River and Cambridge but it overcast and snowing today.

My phone # is 617 724-5479

I had my catheter placed and they will start treatment soon!!

Daddy & are playing cards and listening to Irish music


An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman are being chased through the
streets of a village by  an  angry mob intent on tearing them to bits for previous jokes.
     As they turn a corner, they spot a pile of sacks by the side of the path. The Englishman
grabs three sacks and hands  them out. “We’ll hide in these until they’ve gone!” he explains. “Just do as I do.”
  They climb into the sacks. Just as they do so, the mob arrive. They see the sacks and stop.
Suspiciously, the leader of  the mob prods the Englishman’s 
sack with his pitchfork.

  “Oink!  Oink!”
shouts the Englishman. Satisfied, the mob proceed to the Scotsman’s sack. Again, they prod it with the  pitchfork.

    “Quack! Quack!”
shouts the Scotsman. Happy that this is also full of livestock, the mob go onto the Irishman’s sack and  prod that.

    The  Irishman shouts “Potatoes!”

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